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Shelley English MA, MA, LMHC: Counseling and Psychotherapy

Testimonials for counseling and psychotherapy

Shelley was attentive and knowledgeable and her input was very valuable. Thank you!

-O.B., Upper West Side

I had such a positive and fulfilling experience with Shelley. It was my first time seeking counseling and psychotherapy for anxiety and adjustment disorder. Shelley has helped me tremendously to gain perspective and to navigate my issues in my early stages of recovery. She was always warm, reliable and available to speak when needed. I could note dramatic improvements in just a few sessions. Her kind and compassionate manner made our sessions enjoyable and fruitful even in challenging moments. She was also patient and helpful with eventual language barriers, as English is not my mother tongue. I’ll be always grateful for meeting her and learning so much about the tools I could use to cope with my anxiety.

-N.S., Midtown East

My experience with Shelley has been excellent. She is extremely knowledgeable and insightful. She is very proactive and provides both valuable support and advice. Highly recommended.


Shelley English has been an amazing resource for my traumatized family member. She has been in therapy for almost one year and has made amazing progress. Shelley is super accessible, smart and committed to helping people who really need the help but have been afraid to address the trauma in their lives. Her practical approach to moving forward and reclaiming your life has been a true gift to my family member and myself. 

-Anonymous Reviewer, New York